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Five Star Reader Reviews

I can't wait to get started on my journaling! What a great format for writing my requests and then the answer to that prayer, even if it is right away or later. It will be a great legacy of answered prayers that I can leave for my children to encourage their faith in our God. The stories of her personal life have been very entertaining and inspiring. I'm even planning on writing some previous prayer requests and answers I had in the past, just to keep reminding myself of God's faithfulness.Thank you for being inspired to publish this journal. - 

-Roger in Texas

Five Star Reader Reviews

Sure showed me how important journaling and being close to God is. We have to be accountable to God, we get sidetracked to easily. A really neat book for prayers and journaling.

-Chris in Washington

Five Star Reader Reviews

​Interesting stories about her young life and how God provided for her. Great format for using the journal daily for personal entries.

-Carol in Texas

Five Star Reader Reviews

Lots ​of​ food ​​for ​thought.​ ​Good​ ​book! I am enjoying.

-​Holly in Texas 

Five Star Reader Reviews

There are many things I like about this journal. I enjoyed the short stories at the beginning of the book. I especially like the size of the book. It has enough space for me to write. In the past I have written down prayer requests. When they were answered I just checked them off. But with this journal, I like the format of actually answering questions regarding how God answered, the lesson learned, and how was my faith increased. This brings a deeper understanding of God's love and provision. The cover design is intriguing and unusual. I like it. I will take pleasure on seeing my faith grow as I use this journal. - 

-Claudette in Texas 

Five Star Reader Reviews

Looking for a way to connect with God? Get this journal! By writing down your prayers and then God's answers, you'll know the depth of God's love and faithfulness as never before! It all begins with a pen and a prayer. -

 -Marion in New Mexico